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The Best Work & Break Timer

Want to cope with day to day tasks in a more effective & efficient manner? Manage your work time & day-to-day tasks with personalized timers using the Timer Machine App!

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Our Features

Monitor your day to day tasks to maximize what you get done & increase your productivity!

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Make Timer Machine Your Go-To Solution for Optimizing Your Productivity

With the best-in-class & easy to use features, our app provides simple solutions for you to monitor and improve your productivity.

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How Does Timer Machine Work?

The app is easy to operate & utilize with the immediate page you see when you open the application being the timers. To modify the timer duration(s), name your timers, or modify notification tone, go to the “Settings” tab on the top-right corner. In addition, we have an information page, which you can access on through the “Info” tab on the top-left corner.


  1. Go to the "Settings" application

Tap “Notifications
Tap “Timer Machine
Tap “Allow Notifications
How It Works
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Manage your time with the best work & break timer(s) in the App Store! Timer Machine allows you to personalize your timer names, timer durations, and select your preferred notification ringtone in the most beautifully-designed timer interface.

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Our App ScreenShots

These screenshots give you an idea of how easily configurable & user-friendly our app is for users.

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Meet the Timer Machine Team

Christopher Benavides

Founder, iOS Developer

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Timer Machine was developed to empower individuals who want to both simply and precisely measure their work & break time using a user-friendly, beautifully-designed, intuitive user-interface on their Apple device(s).

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What Our Users Think

The one-stop service our app provides has satisfied clients across the globe. Here’s what they have to say.

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Easy to use and will use this regularly

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The app has helped me stay focused and manage my time a whole lot more efficiently than before! Highly recommend!

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Awesome App !!

Really helped my productivity .

Brandon Benavi

L Benavides

A beast53

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Get In Touch

In case of any questions, concerns, feedback or opportunities to improve your user-experience, our team would be delighted to help you out! Fill in the details & we will connect with you.

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